Dinosaur Classification – Infographic

Dinosauria is a superorder that comes under reptilia, which contains all known dinosaurs in the world. Dinosauria is divided into two groups namely Saurischia and Ornithischia based on the anatomy of Pelvic girdle (hip). This division is put forward by a British scientist named Harry Seeley in 1887. Saurichians are known as ‘Lizard hipped’ and Ornithischians as ‘Bird hipped’ dinosaurs.

‘A’ represents a Saurischian dinosaur and ‘B’ an Ornithischian dinosaur. See the difference in the arrangement of hip bones. ‘C’ Saurischian hip and ‘D’ Ornithischian hip

Classification of Dinosaurs (Infographic)

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Written by Josin Tharian

Assistant Professor of Zoology by profession.


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